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Around the age of two, our daughter Jordan was diagnosed with both asthma and a life threatening allergy to peanuts. We knew that a peanut allergy was serious, but we were ignorant to exactly how serious and what our lives would be like going forward. The combination of the allergy and the asthma is even more critical to manage carefully.

I began doing research to learn as much as I could on the subject. It was both eye opening and overwhelming (to say the least). Since then, we have been through three contact reactions, all untraceable as to what caused them. This is probably the scariest and most frustrating part. We are so cautious, but things still slide through and attack her little system. In 2008, she had her first reaction from ingestion. It was from cross-contamination from a spoon that had also been used to serve a product containing peanut butter.  This was her worst reaction to date and required two epinephrine injections.

I have made it my life’s goal to play an active role in making Jordan’s world a safer place. I would like to help others deal with the issues that we are faced with daily. Living with this life threatening condition requires a constant education process. Not only for us, but for everyone who interacts with her. She understands her situation as much as a child her age can. Someday, she will be able to manage her own world. Right now, it is my job and I take that job VERY seriously!

I would like Jordan to be able to live a happy, fulfilling life without fear. I can only control so much of this, but intend to do whatever I can. I find myself trying to educate everyone in our lives on the subject so that they understand the severity of the problem.  Since her original diagnosis of peanut, Jordan has added several tree nuts, egg and beef to her allergen avoidance list.

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope that you find it to be a helpful place for you and your food allergy “situation”. My hope is to provide a place where you can find helpful resources and relevant links in a simple format.

Thank you for taking the time to hear our story.

Dena Friedel
Founder/Director of “My” Food Allergy Support Group

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