Our Mission

Together, we can get through this.  Together, we can educate and advocate for change.
Together, we can help keep food-allergic children safe!

This group will provide

  • A chance to learn about other family’s circumstances and how they live with them.
  • The opportunity to share concerns, successes and coping strategies.
  • Emotional support from others who have “been there”.
  • The chance to help educate the community about food allergies.

What we “ARE” or can be

  • Emotional Support for each other.
  • An outlet to share concerns, successes and coping strategies, resources and tools.
  • Advocacy or “Power in Numbers”—together, we can help educate our      communities, schools and state legislators about Food Allergies.
  • With the guidance of our Medical Advisors, we can offer quality information and advice.

What we “ARE NOT”

  • We are NOT doctors.  We are never giving medical diagnosis or treatments to each other.
  • Anything we share is to be considered advice and should not replace the advice of your doctor.  We are speaking from experience and truthfully in some cases may know more than our doctors do, but we always need to involve them in any treatments or instruction.